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What phone do you have?

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my battery life is kinda sucky on my iPhone too. There are different things you can do to increase it though, just google it.


the top button on my iPhone (4) just randomly stopped working (the one you can lock your screen with, or send a call to voicemail). I took the case off and everything and it's just...stuck...it sucks. I didn't realize how much I used it until it's gone! grr!

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I have the HTC EVO 4G...I was gonna get an I Phone but I am sure I would break it, I drop my phone 10 times a week. lol My battery life is 6 hrs if I use it constantly, if I dont...about 36 with no use at all. I have an otterbox on mine which is a saviour for me with how much I drop it but i wonder if the heat being trapped kills the battery faster.

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I have a 'smart phone' with no Data or Apps, as well as the least amount of minutes & text as I possibly can (which is still too much talk & text). Oh, also I have a cracked screen (spider-ed, actually).


I also do not have a land line.


Money definitely goes to books & art supplies. Oldschool nerd here ;)

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