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Yeah, I hate being the new girl.

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Hi there! Welcome to CB! This place is great! I have been a member for years, everyone is great here. i know how it feels to be a newbie but here everyone is welcoming.


There is  lot of support here on the BP boards and a lot of info, you will find a lot of people have the same issues or something similar. I hope to see you around the boards! Chat is also a great place to talk in real time to people and the blogs are beneficial too.


A Mod should be by soon to officially welcome you and remind you to check out the rules if you haven't already!


Again welcome to CrazyBoards!

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Hello! Welcome. I'm also twenty-one, live at my family's house and don't have a driving license either.  I hope you find useful and interesting stuff here; I did.

BTW, NewMe and MrTastyButt, you each have 375 posts right now. It looks kind of cool, stacked one on top of the other.

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


Glad you returned to the site--I think you'll enjoy being part of our community.


As NewMe said, we do ask that all members read the User Agreement to ensure that we're all on the same page.


Please don't hesitate to contact a member of the staff if you have any questions or concerns.


Looking forward to seeing you on the Boards!

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