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Cymbalta - Gonna miss a couple of doses

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I'm a tourist in the US and my supply gets sent by family all the way from the Philippines. Pharmacies here won't sell to me with my foreign prescription.


Unortunately, our mail service is painfully unreliable so I'll have to go a few days without it. Cymbalta takers will know that the withdrawal can be an absolute bitch, even if you just miss one dose. The brain zaps, nausea... anyone have any tips how to survive those?


I just want to get through this period with the least amount of pain. Help!

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You don't say how many doses you'll be missing. If it were me, I'd figure out how to add a few hours between the doses so that it would be more even.  


For example, say you have 5 pills. You have 7 days. So, you're 2 pills short. What I'd do is figure out how many hours there are in the 7 days (168) and I would divide that by the number of pills I had (5). The number I come up with is approximately 34 hours. So, I'd take one pill every 34 hours.  


I'm certain that there are all sorts of other ways to do this. I'd do it this way so that I'd keep from having to miss entire days. 


Best of luck.

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