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Hi everyone,

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Phew, I don't know where to start and this may be long so I apologize. I have have had anxiety for years. Im 32 now and it started at like 12 years old but It never affected my life too bad until I had to deal with "real" life. At 23 I moved in with my now husband and after awhile life was making me feel nuts. College and etc made me anxious all the time. I had no direction. Went on paxil,l it worked, but became fat and lethargic after 2 years on that. Got off it got married and got pregnant. Was fine during pregnancy. Got ppd after having my son. Almost went crazy on Zoloft, I mean almost was admitted to the hospital. Got on celexa was fine for like 3 years. Got off it for reasons. So now I am just newly off celexa again after going back to it and going almost crazy and admitting myself! I have been off it for 4 days and I still feel like crap. I posted a post in anxiety about my current problem if anyone is interested. Anyway I hope to get some help from this site. It looks like I will.

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


I responded to your post and I'm sorry your anxiety is eating you up.


I think you'll find this to be a very supportive and informative community.


Check out chat or start up a blog.  And, of course, post on the Boards.


We ask all new members to read the User Agreement to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Looking forward to seeing you on the Boards!

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