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Hey guys whats up

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Hej, I'm Denominator, I've made a few posts but I haven't made a real introduction yet.I came to this forum because I'm a basket case. I have a whole bunch of dx's, adhd, bipolar 2, GAD, aspergers, depression, etc. Hopefully these forums will be able to help me with my problems :blink:


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Hello and Welcome to CB, Denominator!


I think you will find that this is a very supportive and informative community.


We ask all our new members to read the User Agreement just to be sure we're all on the same page.


Glad you've posted on the Boards.  Feel to join in chat or start up a blog.


Please don't hesitate to contact a staff member if you have any questions or concerns.

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the rules, because it avoids misunderstandings later on.


You do have a long list of meds, and I hope you get some good information and feedback from our members.



heh....that was a Coordinated Moderator Welcome.



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Welcome Denominator.


A lot of us are basket cases here, or atleast have been or will be at times. So welcome to the basket weavers convention.


And a lot of us have the same general issues. Especially us on the spectrum. Some of the time (or a lot of the time really), ADHD, anxiety and mood issues come with the autism territory. So hold on to your weaving tools (you might need them) & jump right in.

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