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If I went nuts on vyvanse, am I a fail for adderall?

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It's hard to ask for adderall, you know, because The Hold Steady wrote that song and...well...yeah, the pdoc's eyebrows just pop right up if your ask for it.

Anyway, I didn't have a good vyvanse experience, and the pdoc wouldn't even try adderall with me. Tried concerta and strattera- with no results, and then moved on to the bipolar meds, none of which have done what they're supposed to.

I've always just been curious about adderall. Call it a gut feeling, but she wouldn't go for it. Said I'd have the same reaction on any stim I took that I did to vyvanse. Is that true?

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The active ingredients in Vyvanse and Adderall are the same... dextroamphetamine and levoamphetamine (basically the right-handed mitten and left-handed mittens of amphetamine molecules).


The difference between Vyvanse and Adderall is partially in the ratio of dextro to levo. Dextro has more impact on the central nervous system, but in the peripheral nervous system, they act the same. When levo is mixed with dextro, it makes the effects last longer.


That's my unschooled interpretation.


You don't specify what kind of nuts you went on Vyvanse, but if it induced any kind of psychotic symptoms it's probably unlikely you'd get prescribed that again.

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Panic attacks, racing heart, paranoia. Before that, the best three days of my life.

I think the vyvanse experience was one of the things that led the docs to decide that I was bipolar. They saw it as a manic episode. While I don't disagree with the diagnosis, my manic feels different than that. Manic me is mean. A panic attack feels different for me, and this was panic attack. Either way, vyvanse induced something that was no fun. The pdoc is concerned that adderall would do the same. I still pine for those three magical days when I was organized and got sh** done.

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