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'lo everyone

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I always feel so dumb writing these things. Either fear I'm gonna blither (which I do. Sorry in advance.) or I'm going to stall out like a five year old in kindergarden, clutching their teddy and hoping like hell they don't widdle themselves as large people poke at them to talk about their teddy, with only a 'yeth' forced out before they bury their head in the nearest fluffy toy.


So.... basically blither or blither awkwardly. Huzzah!


Married to my honest to gods so dorky to admit but truely other half, poor lad. Still trying to vaguely figure other things out. Haven't yet pulled the trigger on the idea of spawnage, but quickly reaching the point where I've had to come to terms with the fact the flying monkey order is really going to take TOO long and cost WAY too much and it's just easier and cheaper to build my army of thralls with materials at hand. I'm a writer (SHOCK!) or at least in the painful part of trying to learn if I ~am~ or am I just someone who likes words and playing with them.


Beyond that? I suppose the main "why the hades I joined this board" line would force me to add - got sick (bit by brown recluse, yes, really, that went necrotic, then I got shingles, then septicemia, then, then, then, then) until next thing I knew it was 4 years later and I'm standing up for the first time in ever realizing that, beyond the spousal unit.... I'm alone. I'm a time traveler. Didn't go backwards, didn't go forward, just stepped.... outside and was stuck while the world spun on and now that I've been put back into the slipsteam I'm kinda sorta totally lost.


Which is so MUCH fun as a manic depressive (unmedicated, couldn't ever find anything that didn't make me violently ill or commatose), mildly bipolar, overwhelmingly socialy awkward (unless I'm working - put me in corset and tell me to get over to the booth and sell sell sell while playing the part of Valkyrie on Holiday? I'm golden. Take OFF the corset and the laughing flit... and I go straight to a very quiet dark room for a few days until the shaking stops.) nervous, rape surivor, abuse survivor, cutter... who thought I had that under control until last night when I seriously messed up and wow are my legs and arms a mess & generaly twitchy daughter of a biscuit, let me tell you! That work as an intro or did I just piddle on my teddy again?

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Thanks Nyan - it's the most neurotic of the critters in my home (barring myself at times) Mie-Mie, also know as Bunny (she is afraid of sunlight, has tiny baby fangs that hang out and chomps on carrots so Bunnicula seemed right somehow) and sadly "Miss Piddlesworth" if it storms. Every flash of lightening, instant piddle pile. Usually on my foot. It's a good thing she is so dang cute or I don't know if I could deal.

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the rules, so they understand how we operate.


As I'm sure you've noticed, we are a pro-medication and pro-therapy site.  We also like cats, dogs and nipple clamps.


I'm glad you showed up.



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