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So I see my therapist later today and ...

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I'm scared shitless. I've only been seeing her for a couple of months and she has never seen the "cutter side" of me. I've been cutting quite a bit recently and I'm afraid what she'll think or do when I tell her about it. I don't want to be sent back inpatient. Three months in one year is quite enough for me, thank you.

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I think the best approach is to pick a session where you are caln and cool collected. Which is hard when sharing your biggest secret.

If you are able to explain to her tgat you are safe in the best possible way ever.

Its something that she can help you with. I would look into what policey they have. A lot of people will explain what you can share that they cant share.

Like if you tell them your going to kill somebody and it sounds like you would tgat tgey share that

If she hasnt gone over that ask her her policey on different things

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