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If you could change one thing about your country, what would it be?

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One thing I would like to change the country in which I live?

(United States)


Uncensored Rant:

(trigger warning)

I would like a revolution without war...but that's impractical. We let the government get too much power before we started waking up, because we don't pay attention in history class. Was it worth it?

Now the only revolution available in our midst is violent, and will probably be brought on by outside forces, just like Hitler's Germany. his people didn't wake up in time, so others went in and blew him up. Do we want that to happen again?! Why can't we fucking learn from history??

North Korea might not be too wrong with their desire to blow our asses up. Our government is being so blatantly corrupt...and others are getting pissed.

Sound familiar? (Nazi Germany)

And information is so skewed these days, thanks to the government buying out our media, and facts are hard to find. We're censored and trapped like rats. Other countries see, but we do not. But we need to. We MUST!

Our government is sitting over there getting butthurt because North Korea is censoring their citizens and feeding them shit....HELLO!!! That's the distraction! That's what perpetrators do....it's OUR government who is trapping us, censoring us, and feeding us shit!!

We're mushrooms and don't even know it! I don't wanna be a mushroom

And now I'm legally classified as a terrorist for posting this paragraph, because open-minded people is our government's enemy. Smart minds are always the enemy of a perpetrator. Of a corrupt government...

Stay educated ~~ if all of us are "terrorists", then nobody is. And then we can get this country back to the way it should still be.



what are some things everyone else wants to change about the country in which you live?

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-Legalise gay marriage

- Not turn away refugees and have them processed off shore, when processing can take years. What the hell about it takes years?

-Do something about global warming

-Animal rights, there are very few laws regarding factory farming which IMO is disgusting


I'm sure I have many more. 

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It's a toss-up between universal healthcare and good careers in the arts. (United States if you couldn't guess, heh.)  I would also like the courts to recognize pets as real beings with emotions and feelings and not property so we can reform our animal cruelty laws which are atrocious.

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Temporary medical coverage when warranted - With close eye on charts to see if patients are taking their health conditions seriously, as well as treatment of them.


Same for Social Security. As well as drug screens for Social Security, barring legal Marijuana .. 

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Yes!! I agree completely!

we do need marriage to be federally legalized, and we need better healthcare

i haven't heard much about animal cruelty, but it breaks my heart :(

i didn't know it was still a problem...


Melissa YES! You are so so sooo correct we need to toss out and label GMO crap so we can stop dying and getting terribly sick. it disgusts me that GMO food even exists, let alone how popular it has become...and people don't know what they're eating!!

ty for the video ^.^

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Melissa YES! You are so so sooo correct we need to toss out and label GMO crap so we can stop dying and getting terribly sick. it disgusts me that GMO food even exists, let alone how popular it has become...and people don't know what they're eating!!

ty for the video ^.^


You're welcome for the video.  There are tons of similar videos on You tube like it.  Seeds of Death is another one.  I have so many bookmarked that I've watched and it makes me sick that people dont even know they are eating them, and what they are doing to our bodies (I agree with you).

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Accalia, first of all, you walked right smack into Godwin's law almost immediately. Also, when precisely was Hitler blown up? Please tell me.


And people did resist. They were shipped off to labor/concentration camps.


Americans are parochial, and poorly educated, as you have just demonstrated. Your grasp of the history of the Third Reich is poor. To learn from history, you have to understand it first. Your understanding of North Korea is ridiculous. The government is starving its people. How enlightened and superior of Kim Il Un.


I am fairly sure you posted something very close to this diatribe before. What precisely have you learned since then? Have you actually done any research on North Korea? Again, the argument "US bad, US opponents good" is a facile one.


"Stay educated [the irony, it burns] ~~ if all of us are "terrorists", then nobody is. And then we can get this country back to the way it should still be."


Could you please elaborate on this theory, in English this time?

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For context, I am a Brit.


For all the things that are wrong with American society (or British society for that matter) having a flawed and corrupt political system is NOT the same as living within a genocidal dictatorship like the Nazi regime. Looking at the Nazi regime, freedom was oppressed in some very public and vicious ways. Like censorship, deportment, genocide, work camps, destruction and appropriation of property, I could go on. Say what you like about injustice in the US - and as a Brit I can add my two pennies to your list) but unless someone beat your door down or branded you this week, you are pretty fucking privileged. So please find a way to talk about your countrys' politics without being hyperbolic and frankly, disrespectful. If you want to throw around factoids about Nazi Germany, or N Korea, educate yourself. Using generalizations to make your point about the US doesn't give your argument any weight, it just makes you flippant and ignorant.


Like the US, but maybe to a lesser degree, the UK has issues at the moment about unequal distribution of wealth. When we were in the boom years of credit, that was okay, but now we are in a recession, the fair distribution of wealth has become a hot topic, making it a moral issue. So in the UK, we have a 'deserving and undeserving' poor idea emerging, with taxation, welfare and class mobility linked to that. So minorities such as immigrants, working class/unemployed people, benefit claimants, people with health conditions and disabilities are all seeing the cuts hit them hard, with an added message through the media that they are somehow on the take. Meanwhile the rich people evading taxes are being overlooked, while bankers have been the scapegoats, no regulation has actually resulted, nor have financial reparations been made. While ordinary people are convinced that bankers and benefit scroungers are bleeding us dry, the government can pass policies that cause more poverty and financial inequality with no protest. The conservative government has led to nearly every sector but the super rich being worse off, even working families in the middle classes are poorer. However this is being smoke screened by the xenophobia and paranoia emerging about migration, terrorism, and blame on the previous government. The feeling of Britain being 'in it together' in the post WW2 years i also being exploited, our government would have us believe we are all suffering under austerity together when that is far from true.


The thing I would like to change would be I would like to see every UK citizen feel that political action and protest is something they can and feel happy to do. Right now we are battling a sense of apathy and hopelessness. Collectively, everyone is poorer, but no one actually feels able to change this. Most people I know say that being involved in politics is for educated people, people who know a lot, people who are brave enough, people who can have an influence. If we as a nation could protest and change politics like the French or other European nations do, the government would have to listen.


Right now, 2% of the UK (the poorest disabled sector of society) are seeing 25% of the cost saving austerity cuts. As the UK begins to follow the US' template, privatization and war mongering is on the up (not that, as a an empire, we didn;t warmonger ourselves) and this will only make thing worse. I would also hope that we don't continue our alliance with the US because it has led to expensive and pointless conflict that our government lied to us about the necessity for.

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I'd like to see a public that demands more credible and substantiated news reporting instead of the sensationalism that we apparently now prefer.


I'd like to see the Republican Party bring about the end of the Grover Norquist power elite, that inner circle that requires Republicans to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to receive campaign funding. The Tax Protection Pledge started with Reagan and is a Republican commitment to vote for absolutely no tax increases or new taxes regardless of purpose or need. I actually am a fiscal conservative but this narrow mindset, held perhaps most fastly by the Tea Party, leads to things like the Sequester which is about $1 trillion in automatic, arbitrary and across the board budget cuts. The cuts are without thought, debate, priority, social context, politicking. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is part of the reason our Congress is paralyzed and accomplishes very little compared to what you would think a body elected to run the country would accomplish in any given year. 


A public that takes voting more seriously.


A greater willingness to work with the UN regarding world peace.


Legalized gay marriage and universal social acceptance.


A greater social conscience for the rich, power elite that work behind the scenes and have great influence over how the country is run.


Those are the top of my list at this moment. There's more that I would like to change. But, I have to say that despite our flaws, some of which are significant, the US is filled with good, well intentioned people, and is likely one of the best countries to live.

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