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Amisulpride Side Effects - How long do they last?

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Hi Guys, I was on on Olanzapine for 5 years, they didnt really do much other than make me sleep and eat, i decided i wanted to change them to something more effective. 

Over the last 12 months my pdoc had been trying me on different meds to find one that is effective but one that also agrees with me, I have tried many different meds, i found Amisulpride at 600mg where very effective but they gave me terrible sensitivity to light when taken in the morning but then if taken at night i would be kept awake with restless legs. due to this i stopped taking them because of this and started resperidone. the respiridone dont seem upto much,

Upto now i have had many different meds and they either dont work or they give me bad side effects.


the pdoc suggested trying the amisuplride again as they really did work. ive been told by several people once you find the right therapeutic dose the EPS sided effects stop,


so if i take them again and get to the right dose for me will the light sensitivity fade away or will this always be the case as long as im on the meds.


just wanted to know if anybody has experienced this or anything similar.


thanks in anticipation for your help!!

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I dont know the reason antipsychotics cause sensitivty to light, but if you can be assed to search the internet you might find out. From what I know amisulpride only messes with dopamine mostly. For restlessness try slow titration, or just treat it with anticholinergics. Many people take anticholinergics with APs and that isnt such a bad solution in my opinion if nothing else works for you.

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