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I have an appt with my pdoc on Wednesday. I will tell him that I am still 'up' and the 5mg of Abilify is not bringing me down much. It could be due to one or both of these reasons:


1. Its 5mg and its just not enough to make me baseline from mania.


2. I missed a few doses here and there for the past 2 weeks, oops. I know I need to be consistent.


What do you think? Any thoughts on this? Anyone have similar experiences?


I can't sleep. I am in a great mood. I am hyper. I am spending money somehow, even though my mate has my debit card. I am irritable.


I don't mind it but its annoying my girlfriend.

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I am also not a doctor, but I think that low doses of Abilify are more often used as an adjunct treatment for depression and higher doses (eg: 10 to 30 mg) for mania and bipolar disorder.


Also, low doses can be very stimulating for some people.  I experienced medication-induced hypomania on a low dose before titrating up, at which point it went away.


I hope you can talk with your pdoc and find the right dose for you.

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I agree with the others that the dose isn't high enough. Below 10mg Abilify acts more like an antidepressant and above 10mg it acts more like an antipsychotic.

I also found Abilify very stimulating before I got to the 10mg mark, at which point it went away.

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I went hypomanic on 5mg of Abilify. Anything below 10 mg makes me hypomanic apparently. I now take 20 mg and I find it works very well, for the most part. I would tell your doc that the 5 mg dose isn't really helping. Maybe they will raise it, maybe they will switch you to a different med. Most likely, they will raise it though. 


Sorry you're still manic, I hope you come down soon. 

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