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Positive effects after quitting desvenlafaxine/venlafaxine?

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Hi guys!


I've lowered my dose from 100 mgs to 50 yesterday morning.

So far so good (knock on wood, haha!).


Everyone is always posting all the negative effects about withdrawing, but which positive effects did you get after quitting venlafaxine or it's cousin, desvenlafaxine?


I want to get psyched up about looking forward to something good, instead of scared about possible withdrawal :D



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Good news everyone :D

So far, so good... knock on wood...


It's been 3 days and since most horror stories started before that time frame after lowering the dosage, I feel quite confident that it's fairing good (a strong knock on wood is in order, hahaha!).


I'm off clonazepam as well, and so far I feel more alert, more emotional, in the sense that I feel happier when happy and sadder or angrier when experiencing those 2.

So far I prefer this!


Let's hope it continues fine :)

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