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was thinking inpatient ... now, maybe not

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I hate the fact that I know so much of this is the cyclical nature of this illness but I am feeling fantastic and it is 4:00 AM.

I ran out of Saphris last night and s little emergency dose stashed. I caved and took it. Tonight ? Nome of the symptoms returned. Not paranoid. Not delusional. Not excessively happy. Just normal. Which would be great if it wasn't 6 hour past usual bed time.

I expected to have to go to ER because no psych and gen doc I went today wouldn't touch AP meteor other med dosages. I figured I would feel the same way tonight I did before using my emergency dose last night.

I thought I was going to be stuck IP for a third time but it seems like I might come out on a level field for a while. That or I am being hopeful, time will tell...

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