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How do low doses of abilify act compared with higher doses?

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My pdoc has been decreasing my abilify dosage.  I've gone from 20 mg slowly down to 10 with a goal of being between 2-7mg.  He didn't explain it very well but he said at lower dosages it is a partial dopamine agonist? (I think that was it) whereas at higher dosages it blocks dopamine.  I've been stable for a long time and he thinks I don't need the higher dosage anymore and that at a lower dosage I'll be able to concentrate better and maybe lose weight.  He's been seeing me more frequently through this med change.  Then  he wants to start tweaking my other meds.


I'm a little nervous because I don't want to become symptomatic but if I can feel better- less side effects, that would be great.

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