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Has anyone felt this way? The past few days I've been completely blank and numb. Nothing gives me happiness, but nothing upsets me either. It's like my mind is underwater somehow. This would be a dream come true when I'm depressed, to not feel anything, but it's really getting in the way of things. Even coming home to my fiance does nothing.

All the things I'd like to do to feel something I can't or shouldn't do. I've been unable to sleep, and I've promised that I'd stay on my meds, that I wouldn't cut, and that I wouldn't smoke. I'm getting really frustrated with this.

It's my birthday this weekend and would be a shame if I couldn't enjoy it. I hope this turns around soon.

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Being numb and emotionally out of touch is part of baseline for me. I haven't found anything to combat it, so I'm sorry that I'm useless in the advice department, but I can understand how awkward and pointless it feels to do things without emotional impetus or reward. I try to get out and do things, anyway, as much to avoid alienating people around me as in the hopes that some emotional reaction will shake loose. Sometimes a few days' rest helps me, at least with the anxiety and exhaustion of keeping up.

Happy early Birthday. :) I hope you're able to take some pleasure in it.

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I'm sorry you are feeling like this.  I can relate.  For me, when I have no emotion, no feeling, etc I try and ride it out.  Usually I am so "calm" (for lack of better words) that I just sit and watch TV to pass time.  Basically just stare at it.  None of my medications help bring me out of it.  It's just a matter of time for me.  Maybe try and get out and go for a walk or something?  Sometimes that helps me, but other times I just don't have the energy to even set foot outside of my apt.  I'm sorry I can't be of more help.


I hope you enjoy your birthday this weekend.  Have a very Happy Burthday :)

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