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Hi All,


I'm currently on Risperdal 1.5mgs and Wellbutrin XL 150mg.  I recently ditched Lamictal (doses ranging from 250mgs to 400mg over a period of several years) because I finally realized that it is what was giving me horrible insomnia, painful dry eye, and other side effects.  I added the Wellbutrin months ago back when I was using Latuda as an AP because I needed an AD on top of the Lamictal to keep the depression at bay.  I'm afraid that the Wellbutrin is making me cycle, though, b/c I tend to get a bit loopy in the afternoon (by loopy I mean a bit too excited, overly self-conscious, ruminating, etc.).  


I'm wondering if people think that Risperdal alone would be enough to keep depression at bay.  If Latuda couldn't fight off the depression then is there a chance that Risperdal might be able to even though they are both APs?  What dose of Risperdal would be appropriate for depression?  For what it's worth I have previously found that Saphris + Lamictal couldn't keep depression away but Abilify + Lamictal could (neither Saphris nor Abilify are options as far as I'm concerned).    


While I just stated that I'm afraid that I'm cycling up in the afternoons I do think that my current dose of Risperdal (1.5mgs) is enough to stave off mania/hypo-mania.  I think that without the added burden of combating Wellbutrin the Risperdal would be enough to prevent the upward rise that I'm experiencing.  


For what it's worth I've learned from experience that going above 1.75mgs of Risperdal won't work with my body.  Even if I take it at night I'm cotton-brained and fatigued all the next day. 


My pdoc has never liked prescribing me Wellbutrin, so he will be happy, but he isn't willing to prognosticate about the likelihood of Risperdal preventing depression without the assistance of Wellbutrin.  So I turn to you, the madding crowd.

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I have BP II.

I started risperdal for psychosis, for years I took 3mgs for mood stabilizing properties, combined with lithium, my BP is more on the depressed end of the scale. We later added lamictal but found it too activating. Ssri mess make me manic.

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Pdoc and I thought that adding lithium would be fun -- who needs kidneys, right?  So I'm taking 300mg BID.  I've been on it for four days and haven't done the bloodwork yet, so who knows what my serum levels are.  That said, I have felt no improvement and I'm worried about the length of time that I will need to whiteknuckle it until something kicks in.  I'm pretty sure that I'm just being an impatient weenie about this, because lithium is bound to do something eventually.  Probably.  That said, my pdoc is extremely reluctant to go above 600mg/day of lithium.  So, I'm wondering if I need to wait for the lithium to work its voodoo or if I should bump up the risperdal.  


Titania, what is your dose of lithium and what is your serum level, if I might ask?

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