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The doctor at the ward didnt tell me at the time because I was depressed and I was not thinking clearly.


My psychiatrist read the referral letter infront of me and I was Dx with Schizophrenia.


Does anyone here know how it is diagnosed? I am sort of in denial about it because my psychotic episode was bought on by drugs I am also expected to make a full recovery so I am unsure if the Dx is accurate.

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Maybe, here's a thought.

Maybe the drug-induced psychosis is treatable... but might happen again. Without being induced this time (since it only needs to be induced once, and that happened, and then it can do that on its own without the help). 

So, while this episode you may make a full recovery from... maybe there will be another one. Or, maybe there won't.

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What does you psychiatrist think? If he agrees, then the diagnosis might be the best description. It is not the end of the world. Nothing changes. You are still you continuing to have your own life experiences. If your pdoc is unsure about the sz diagnosis, ask for a referral to someone specializing in assessments, especially if the treatment might be different. Hospital docs only see you at your worst. Their diagnoses may be good but sometimes they miss the money. What your pdoc concludes would carry more weight for me.

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i tend to agree with anne marie about taking your psychiatrist's opinion as the weightier one.


i don't understand if you're really asking what the criteria are...those you could easily google, as tasty noted...or if you're asking abuot disqualifiers for a differential diagnosis? as far as i've understood drug induced psychosis isn't technically diagnosed as the same numbers , but it's treated the same pharmaceutically. but i also know the most recent version of the dsm did away with some or all subtyping and that may've affected that.


my diagnosis is from years back and the only fluctuation was to go from paranoid type to undifferentiated to refractory and now back to just paranoid type. but the actual symptoms haven't changed...only maybe the length of time i can be off meds before i lose my shit and start digging around in myself looking for devices and wires and such has gotten a lot shorter.


i do know i had a drug test ...i think always they do a drug test of some sort when i've been admitted to the hospital... and coming up clean played some role in something, but i don't know what. i just know that back in the day you definitely had to be manifesting symptoms for six months and they had to be a level of impairing and not due to drug use or mood disturbance.  but...that's not 2013. i can't speak to how that might've changed in the past fifteen or so years.  i think the timeframe for being symptomatic might've changed...i don't know...but i think the three categories (reality distortion, disorganization syndrome and psychomotor poverty) do continue to be the criteria used (though oftentimes divided into simply positive (augmented experience) and negative (privation of experience/functioning))


lastly, i'll just note that i spent years...well over a decade, disputing my diagnosis.  a lot of what i know about how it is diagnosed i know for that reason alone--NB knowing how something works doesn't necessarily yield the insight to see how that's applicable to specific things you are doing. i have several times, more/less publically and more/less with legal assistance, contested my diagnosis. so i feel you on thinking it's not right. i also have come in very very recent times...like...a year at most...to a level of "insight" that........ let's just say that anosognosia is a formidable force and i feel a bit foolish having made such displays attempting in some cases very publicly online and offline to refute a diagnosis that is quite glaringly obvious in hindsight. 


i'm not suggesting you're in the same boat...what led to my being diagnosed with it well, i did write that blog entry that i'll not repeat here as it's kinda graphic and thta's unnecessary...but it does seem like if the SOLE reason you got that diagnosis is due to a substance issue that's since resolved...maybe you really should just sit down with your psychiatrist and hash it all out. and maybe try to focus more on what the treatment is ...its efficacy... then on what a piece of paper says. easy said for me, i concede, given nobody wants the "schiz" part of a diagnosis on their chart... but if you're just coming out of the hospital and so forth... focusing on the numbers and the terms isn't necessarily going to help you piece back together your actual life. in some ways, it can just bog you further down into that.

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