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Delusional Ocd with great insight... I hope

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If anyone has any insight into this please help me...
I'm 21 years old. After a year of smoking marijuana daily, I stopped 3 months ago and since have encountered intense intrusive thoughts such as thinking I'm gay and thinking im a pedophile, and thinking I'm in hell, thinking that my mom was doing something to my food to make me crazy, just obsessive, extremely irrational thoughts that i wish would just go away, and that i can always find a multitude of reasons to why they are not real and just mental btw. Doesn't change anything. It's been going on for 95 days now. and they have all really gone away, except this past week the thought that has been in my head is that " what if people are robots," and it causes me so much distress because its madness but the thought wont go away, and im always trying to rationalize it and I've never lost insight. I just want the thought to go away, i hate it so much. Then i saw the worlds end a few days ago and the thought returned with a vengeance after it going away for a few days, now every once in a while i think that in the movie like people were replaced or something. Its such a stupid idea, and no matter how I rationalize it it doesn't go away. I know this is not the best site since I think(I pray to God) its only something to do with the detox from marijuana but if you have any idea or a clear opinion please let me know. Im afraid I'm slowly going mental and this is how it starts, does anyone know if this is true? no one in my family has a history of schizophrenia or mental illness to the extent of psychosis, not even bipolar of depressive, just highhhhh anxiety and neuroses(is), and hypochondria kind of I suppose. I hope someone who has some sort of idea can help out. Thanks everyone. My psychiatrist doesn't really know what it is either. I read a paper by Brown university that explained this:
Patients with anxiety disorders share some symptoms with schizophrenics.  Patients who experience panic attacks may report they feel they are "going crazy." Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder may have obsessions that are so severe they reach the point where they seem like delusions.  However, classically speaking, these symptoms experienced by patients with anxiety are ego-dystonic, meaning that the patient has good insight into the abnormality of their behavior." 

however, part of me is still s
cared that im going to slowly start believing it or that this is how psychosis starts, even though its been three months. sorry for the long ass explanation, just need some insight (lol) if someone has one.


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