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What's your favorite non-prescription sleep-inducing thing?

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So, I'm not manic if I get a good night's sleep. Hardly a revelation, but I've refused to take anything for a long, long time because I had a little kid who woke up at night and I didn't want to be unconscious and unavailable for that.

I've recently discovered the joys of knocking myself out for the night. I almost never sleep through the night. I can fall asleep, but I'll wake up at 2 or 3 and toss around. Used to be, I just tossed and turned and thought about whatever. Lately, that's degenerated into full-on panic attacks. Then, the next day, I'm either a zombie or an irritable manic mess.

So, I have a while before I can get into see the pdoc. I've tried using benedryl. One isn't enough but two leaves me with the benedryl hangover the next day. I've also tried helping myself to hubby's neurontin. Yes, I know that's wrong, and it produces a wonderful sleep, but the same foggy feeling again the next day.

What works? I never realised how much I needed sleep or how messed up my sleep was until just recently. I would like to get more full night's of sleep in like I did last night.

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I use Gravol, antihistamines, otc sleep aids, and nyquil. All of them leave you feeling crappy the next day and all of them are dangerous. I used to be prescribed zopiclone but I'm not allow any type of sleep aid (including the self-prescribed ones) at all because I misuse them. Most of us are stuck with our crappy lack of sleep...

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Nothing works like Ambien for me, but I can only take it a few times a week or I build a tolerance. So I alternate it with Benadryl, meclizine, and doxylamine.



I use Gravol, antihistamines, otc sleep aids, and nyquil. All of them leave you feeling crappy the next day and all of them are dangerous.

I don't think they're dangerous really, unless you take massive doses, mix them, or take them with booze.

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I logged in to mention Clonazepam (my favourite med) and Quetiapine (400 mg. of that and I'm down in 15 mins) and then I realized this is about non-prescription stuff...


I drink Chamomile tea and take 3 mg. Melatonin (it's just a vitamin) besides my other meds... but non-prescription stuff just doesn't really do much.

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No electronic screens an hour before bed


Warm but not hot shower or bath


Reading a somewhat interesting but not scintillating book


I'm with indigo on the orgasm


Having a consistent wake up time


VERY DULL audio books if none of the above works


Ice pack to the back or front of my head


Making sure there's enough fresh air and coolness in the bedroom


Having had enough physical activity during the day


Occasionally some benadryl or nasal decongestant (not so much for the sleepiness, but for the ability to breathe through my nose... makes a huge difference in my ability to fall and stay asleep)

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It's called sleep&anxiety Day and Night. I saw that online it was 9.99 but I went to GNC and it was 30 buck's. But the night time med is L-Glutamine 800 mg


Vitamin E. Calcium  Valerian extract and melatonin....I found that one pill knocked me out....and it was a good sleep.......But tolerance is a problem so if you can use as needed then do so.

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I have paradoxical reaction to benadryl and otc sleep meds, melatonin didn't work for me, and (I know it's prescription but just mentioning it as others have mentioned prescriptions) trazodone doesn't either; my pdoc kept increasing the dosage in hopes it would take effect but when we got to 300 mg, I had difficulty swallowing and breathing so I can't take it. I can't remember which of my meds is contraindicated, but pdocs won't prescribe any of the other common prescription sleep meds.


The only thing that works for me, which is weird, is eating a large meal high in carbs/sugar a couple of hours before bedtime. But I don't like to do that, I usually eat a big meal at lunch and have something light (if anything at all) for dinner. 


Actually, the other thing that can work for me is reading a boring book. But it has to be boring because otherwise I easily get sucked in and stay up all night reading.


Having cycled through insomnia sooo many times, I've finally recognized that when it passes, my body makes up for it by sleeping more (and better quality) in the aftermath. I'll still feel like shit for the first week or so of getting the extra sleep, but then I think my body has recovered and I get decent rest. Have you logged your insomnia to see if there's a distinct pattern? Just knowing that it's going to end in XYZ time can help (or rather, helps me) cope with it.

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