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How to withdraw Pristiq (Desvenlafaxine)? It's time released.

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Hi guys.


I went down from 100 mgs to 50 about 4 days ago and each day I've been feeling more down.

I have pills, but the problem is that if you cut them, they'll lose their time released coating, so I'll just get a huge dose at once.


I COULD take my 50 mgs before bed, so I don't have to worry about waking up to re-dose and then split, say, 40 mgs (to a total of 90 mgs) in 4 doses of 10 mgs... but how am I supposed to do this without an electronic scale? I'm not a dealer, LOL!!!


Also, I don't think it's still a good idea.

Say I go down to 50 + 10 mgs... am I supposed to take 2.5 mgs every 4 hours? If I were to take 10 mgs at noon, for example, I would get a high blood concentration at that time and withdraw later at night...


OK, I'm lost.



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You can't split the Pristiq pills.  While this may not be the best method, this is the best I can think of since you can't split them.


I would start by taking it every other day for a while, then decrease to once every 3 days, then once every 4th day, etc.


Of course talk with you doc first before making changes to your medication.


Good luck.

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Ive been on this drug for years. When i miss a day or two my depression will start knocking on my door good luck weening off if you can. Its a delicate process and you should really keep in touch w ur pdoc while you are tapering. No need to suffer. Sometimes its trial and error. Be safe and be well.

U must do this w ur doctors supervision.

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I'm splitting the Pristiq anyway. I had three 100 mg pills left, and split one into half and the others into quarters. I've just taken my second quarter (four days in to weaning myself off) and have experienced no ill symptoms, so far. I've maybe been a little emotional, but I recently weaned myself off of Abilify and quit taking Trazodone as well. Good luck!

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