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My blog isn't working and I want to post this, so...


It's my dad's birthday and we all went out to a Hibachi place for dinner. I've never been to Hibachi and always wanted to go to one.


But... I felt nothing. No happiness, joy, excitement... no anticipation...I felt nothing... just emptiness and anxiety... wow.... This is all the time... nothing but pain, sorrow, and empty feeling...



*curls up into fetal position*

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Apathy - lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern


Andhedonia - The absence of pleasure or the ability to experience it.


It sounds like you had some interest, but couldn't get any pleasure from the experience. My vote is anhedonia with perhaps a dab of apathy on the side.


Sorry you feel so crappy. Keep going out and socializing, though. It gets worse when you isolate.

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