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Was this fugue or what?

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When I was a kid (like age 5 to 10) I often would lose time. Like - just one example, but they are all similar - one time I suddenly "woke up" in a summer school classroom I had no memory of ever being in before (didn't know the teacher, didn't even know what the class topic was, didn't recognize the students, etc), and the last thing I remembered at that time was being in my regular class the fall season before.


Is this a "fugue state" or something else? Was it concealing trauma (I grew up very abused), or does it have another origin?

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Welcome to CrazyBoards, sorry you're here.


Frankly, we can't diagnose you.  There are no mental health professionals practicing here, only peers with their own diagnoses.  That having been said, I welcome you to think about what you're really trying to get here.  Are you looking for a diagnosis?  Are you looking for other people's experiences with their own problems?  Are you looking to share your own experience?  Think about what you're trying to get out of posting, please re-read the rules, and if you have any questions about what are appropriate topics to post, please PM me or another moderator.

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Have you ever sought professional assistance in dealing with your trauma? Sometimes childhood trauma can cause lost time and confusion like that.

Also, a professional can help you to figure out where the time went, if you are so inclined. I've had experiences similar to that, and there were no fugues here that I know of.

I hope that you can get some answers, even if they can't come from us. It can be really scary to not know what's going on.

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