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Hi all,


I signed up awhile ago but then depression "happened" (again) and I lost interest in everything! Par for the course, eh? Nonetheless, here's my story:


Just over ten years ago I had my first bout with anxiety/panic, which naturally led to depression. First doc was a little hackish in retrospect, but he meant well—put me on a bunch of meds though. Tried CBT, that was OK but I was always really good at "knowing" things rather actually believing them. Tried DBT where the kicker is that you actually have to "do" things, and I… didn't. DBT is also not specifically tailored for depressives so going in I knew it might not work so… there's that.


So here I am 10 years later, still on a shit-ton of meds (Cipralex 30mg/day, Clonazepam 2mg/day, Seroquel 125–150mg/day), tried a year without therapy, not really worse (definitely not better) but I plan to go back. Guess I just needed to vent here—apologies!


So there's that. There's been some sunny spots but all in all it's been a pretty shit decade. While I do "ideate" I'm not in any specific trouble so no worries there. And that's my "tale".


Also, hello! I'm kind of excited to be here. Seems like a neat place.





Note: had to go through an edit some of the poorer grammar I… used.

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the User Agreement, unless you already did that when you signed up.  In that case, you're all set with knowing the few rules we have.


I hope you will consider therapy again.  Maybe the last tdoc wasn't the right fit for you.


Don't be afraid to contact one of us if you need help with anything.



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