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zoloft- playing with fire?

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If you start a stabilizer first, you may be able to handle the AD. Some people with bipolar can. But really, why not try a stabilizer like Lamictal or Latuda with antidepressant properties instead?


Taking the Zoloft without a stabilizer is asking to go manic. My advice is don't. Manic means messing up your life, maybe going mixed, crashing back into depression and probably lots of meds.

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Zoloft made me hallucinate.  Mind you, I've done a lot of hallucinogens and nothing really bothers me in that regard any more but dealing with it 24/7 got incredibly distracting.  It also made it incredibly dangerous when it came to driving. I also noticed that I was becoming manic right around 100 mg a day.  I tapered off but the withdrawal symptoms were really bad.  I had jaw tension for at least a week and had a few digestive problems too.  I also didn't sleep for two days.   I wouldn't go back to it, even at low doses if you know that it effects you negatively.  

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Zoloft barely does anything for me, it helps my mood but it doesnt make me manic, I would say if it makes you manic thats better than being depressed, try 25mg or less  and start exercising if  you dont already then once you are fit stop the zoloft and continue exercising.

You know, if you aren't bipolar the chances of a medication making you manic are really small. As in, what you have to say on this topic is so far off base that I don't know where to start. Maybe you should read these things more carefully. Maybe, if you don't have experience with the topic (in this case being bipolar and taking an AD) then the rest of us would be better off if you didn't respond. 

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