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Did any of you have negative symptoms long before Dx?

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I think I have had negative symptoms all my life I am not sure, but I dont usually have much to say, if I am at a party or meeting new people I dont tell stories, I dont initiate topics much.


I have trouble expressing how I am feeling in any detail unless its good, bad, tired, depressed, maybe thats normal.


I am always to the point, and I dont express much empathy. The only pleasure I find it life are my hobbies, I am smart but never applied myself in school, I never cared, I dont work, I havent worked in almost 10 years, its like I have a messed up reward system, I dont feel much acomplishment for earning money or doing labour.


I have bouts of lack of consideration for other people such as offering someone a drink, I need to go out of my way to be reminded I need to cater to guests and such.


I dont really get offended much, like if someone takes a stab at me or mocks me I dont feel offended, although sometimes I can fly in to a rage depending on the circumstances.


I never have any witty replies, I always think of what I should of done or said or a different way to handle something where at the time I was blank.


From what I gather these are all schizoid traits or from negative symptoms of schizophrenia, can anyone else relate or have you had negative symptoms most your life?



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In terms of pathology, these things are best viewed not compared to others, but compared to yourself. If you take your healthy self in a snap shot at say, age 15, how does that differ from today?


There is a lot of work being done on the negs, since a lot of the literature has been based on institutionalised "crazies" who ultimately see 4 walls 24/7, which naturally complicates these things.


The trouble is thinking back before the MI kicked in when memory is so shot with the crazies, valproate [Rx'ed for epilepsy, but off label uses are handy] help the negatives for me [after getting through the first 6-12 months of making them worse]

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