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Greetings and Salutations

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Hi. I used to post on crazy boards briefly about 4 years ago, but I'm back.


I've been on medication for 20 years and in and out of therapy for 20 years. I started off with an eating disorder and depression in my teens.  In my twenties, my depression intensified, and I had substance abuse problems.In March 2005, I went to treatment for substance abuse and moved to CA. Once I was in recovery, my eating disoder became much worse, and I lost a lot of weight. I went to treatment for my eating disoder in Jan 2006, but my weight remained low. In December of 2006, I relapsed with my alcoholism/substance abuse issues and went back to rehab in Jan 2007, and I stayed sober this time.


While I was in rehab, I began having persistent auditory hallucinations and became paranoid. My pdoc and I tried every medication and nothing helped. My weight got down to 93lbs, so I went back to inpatient eating disorders treatment, but left after a week. After a couple of years, I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, anorexia, depression, and ADD.I was put on long term disability.


In 2012, after moving back to the east coast, I sought out help at one of the best hospitals in the country for depression. They convinced me that I would never get any better unless I gained weight. For some reason I listend to them and let them put me on Clozapine.They also put me on Namenda, which has been really helpful. They started me on ECT too. The Clozapine, Namenda and ECT worked wonders and the voices and paranoia went away.


Several months after I left the hospital, I was able to switch from the Clozapine to Latuda and continue with the ECT, which I still do once a month for maintenance treatment. It's been over a year and a half since I left the hospital in NYC and the auditory hallucinations are gone ( after suffering from them for 5 years), my depression is completely gone, I'm sober, and I'm in recovery from my eating disorder. I've been at a healthy weigh for over a year now, and I no longer worry about what I'm eating or what I look like.


The medications and ECT have changed my life. I'm mentally stable now. I'm happier than I've ever been. I have my life back. I've also been able to start my own business. I'm close to my family. I have friends. I have hobbies. I never thought recovery was possible. I thought I was doomed to be sick for my entire life.


I'm not in therapy anymore because I don't have anything left to say to a therapist. I'm all therapied out. But I'm on a lot of medcation, and it really works. It took years to find the righ combo. Here's what I take: 80mg Latuda, 20 mg Namenda, 200 mg Topamax, 20 mg Lexapro, 60 mg Adderall, 1.5 mg Ativan, 50 mg Vistaril, and 50 mg Naltrexone ( to help with cravings, never had a problem with opiates). And of course my once a month ECT treatment. It took a long, long time and the best doctors in the US to find a treament plan that would resolve all my issues. I'm so glad I didn't give up!

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Welcome back! 


Isn't it amazing that when you find the right combination how good you can feel. It sort of sucks that it sometimes takes years to find it but it's worth hanging in there and trying, as you've done. I fully understand the hard work it took to get where you are now. Congratulations for making it.


Not sure if we had an active chat when you were last here. There is usually someone hanging out there if you'd like to try it out. Sometimes it's more active than others so if it doesn't seem like something you'd be interested in try again another time. Oh, and feel free to lurk until you get the hang of it.

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