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Migraine meds that don't constrict blood vessels

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Are there meds that help with migraines that don't constrict blood vessels?


I have a vascular disease and can't take Triptans or Ergotamines, which are most of the abortives. Making life more difficult, I have kidney issues and should not take NSAIDs.


My GP prescribed Fiorcet thinking I'd use less NSAID than my usual method of taking a lot of Excedrin Migraine (or combo of the same ingredients). It dulls the pain and gets me high. Good for night or weekend. Not so much if I want to function normally.


Depakote works but I have too many side effects. Topamax makes me too stupid to consider.


I'd rather stay away from anticonvulsants, but any suggestions are welcome!






The rest is more like background.


I was diagnosed by a neurologist as having both headacheless (nausea, vertigo, vision issues, numbing, etc but no significant headache) and the headache kind of migraines with and without aura. The appointment was for another purpose. I wasn't having migraines at the time, so we didn't get into types or treatment.


I experience one off migraines maybe once a month or so. From what I've read, many are the basilar type. Sometimes they are more like migraine with aura. Sometimes they are or headacheless with strong aura symptoms (no headache doesn't mean that they are not debilitating). Excedrin Migraine usually helps but not so much when it is bad. I'm not so concerned about these since they are relatively infrequent. 


I also get migraines in streaks. This time I've had a headache two out of three days for close to six weeks. The headaches usually are not debilitating - I can work through them - but are pulsing, last for hours, and with so many, I just want relief. These usually don't include aura, but the more significant ones often do.

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Have you tried orphenadrine?  It works sometimes for me.  Not every time, but once in awhile it will have an effect. 


I find that when I am stressed out physically, and I don't get enough rest, I will get terrible headaches/migraines (like today).  I had a great walk this morning, got back , kind of fell asleep, woke up with a headache and nothing has been able to get it to go away.  I even fell asleep a 2nd time and it seems worse.  I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of these ones though.  Excedrin didn't touch it today.

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It's still early here so my brain isn't quite braining but from what I've tried that might fit the bill there's cyproheptadine, keppra (a/c), amitriptyline and other tricyclics, magnesium, Botox, purple butterbur, methadone (highly do not recommend). The only one of these I've continued with is Botox.

As far as abortives go step one for me is when I feel the aura come on is take phenergan and suck down something with a moderate amount of caffeine. Sometimes that will stave it off a bit. I can't take triptans and I don't except in the most extreme situations use narcotics or barbiturates because I can't function on them and I'm very prone to rebound migraines. I have found biofeedback to be very helpful in helping me learn how to deal with chronic migraines and use the skills I learned in my sessions daily.

I also use ice packs/washcloths, have an ever growing collection of sunglasses, put up black out curtains in a spare bedroom, and drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated helps.

I hope you find something that works.

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Ice packs make me feel worse, too. I like those disposable heating pads.


I don't know how you would replace it, but the ndoc I saw last week said Excedrin was the WORST. Maybe she meant because of rebound headaches, she really didn't go into it much.


Keppra does work for some people, but it has a horrible mood-related side-effect, I personally wouldn't take it. Tricyclics (sp?) are pretty popular these days. Also Cymbalta.


Butterbur did squat for me, but some people swear by it.

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Helloheartbreak, lots of suggestions. Thanks! Allergy meds and antihistimines can help a little. We tested my magnesium levels. They are normal. Good call, though. Antidepressants are out due to bipolar. Phenergan sounds interesting, though. I'll talk to my doc about that.


Crtclms, I agree about Keppra. It is too known for causing depression to try.

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