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Warning Signs

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I had been manic for quite a while. Now I feel more or less alright. But I'm starting to stress and get overwhelmed at everything. Even things I love to do like knitting. I'm starting to feel like I kind of dont want to get out of bed in the morning though most of the time I can push through. I nap daily lately for hours. Things seem more gray and drab. I've been crying more. I cant stop thinking of people or animals who have died and think of my own death a lot. The voices have strangely been better than what I'm used to. So that's a plus.

I really hope these aren't warning signs. I thought I could come out on top of this for once. I don't want to slip into another depressive episode. I really am scared that I am though.

Are these warning signs? Is there anything I should be doing? Should I let my case worker or pdoc know? I don't have a tdoc and I know that one would be helpful but the only one I'm allowed to see is fuming mad at me because I asked to see my old tdoc. It is so unprofessional of him. It makes me very upset and frightened because I can't stand having people hate me.

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These would be red flags to me, too. If my next pdoc appointment wasn't too far away, say a week, then I'd just let them know how I'm doing then but if it was further away, like a month or more, I would try to reschedule for sooner.

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Thats a good idea mcjimjam. I think my appointment is like 2 weeks away. I think I can wait. I have been hitting the gym pretty hard to get rid of some negative feelings and this has boosted my self confidence a bit so I'm feeling ok for now. Not improved but still not worse.

The nurse did call me back and said that pdoc didnt want to make any changes over the phone. So that's that I guess.

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