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Anyone found anything better than effexor?

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It's so individual the way different people respond to different meds. There's really no way to predict which will be a good fit for you and not very useful to think of one as better or worse than another.


I'm not quite sure what you mean by "league" but Cymbalta and Pristiq are two other drugs in the same class (SNRI) as Effexor. 

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Effexor is an SNRI, but only once you hit 150mg. Below that it is pretty much an SSRI. If you are looking for an SNRI I would go for Cymbalta first. It acts on serotonin and norepinephrine at all dosage levels. Drawback is it is crazy expensive although it is going generic at the end of the year. And like Effexor its got a rep for being difficult to get off of for a lot of folks. I never had any problems though with a 3 week taper.

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I agree with mcjimjam. There is absolutely no way to predict how any med will work for any given person. I know people who have had tremendous success on meds that either had zero effect on me or had such detrimental side effects that it wasn't worth continuing with them. The only way you can know what works for you is through trial and error. I know that sucks (boy, do I know) but that's the way it is. If effexor appeals to you, go ahead and give it a shot. If it doesn't work, don't be overly discouraged; just try your next option and hope for the best. Good luck.

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