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Article About Abuse & Brain Changes

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Brrrr... I shouldn't read these things. I find them disheartening. It just makes me feel like "oh great! He gave me brain damage on top of it all, too."It's like having a disordered-identity cake, topped with brain damage icing. Hurrah! Best celebration ever!


I dunno. I'm glad that people are taking this seriously and researching it and stuff. I just wish that we'd see corresponding resources that go something along the lines of "see that kid there? Don't beat it, to it, or on it. Got that?"

When will that part happen?

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Your welcome! I would like to find an article that states how to repair the parts affected by abuse


Aint that the truth!! Why is it they (doctors, etc) present this stuff but then never finish their blurb with "and it can be fixed by doing such and such...." I think we all know what caused our crazy--but we don't know how to fix it...

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It is heartening in the sense that:


1) If our brains were rewired as kids, we could never have done any better than we did to survive, it, it affirms that we started with less ability to cope and conform so it is even more fucking amazing that we got to here given that disadvantage


2) Brains are plastic and can rewire, maybe not for a cured or restored outcome. But if I had my brain rewired during the first 20 years of my life, I wonder how much I can rewire it with the next sixty years where that abusive monster is gone?

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