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lithium nightmares?

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Hey all, first post here so please be gentle. I was  diagnosed with bipolar 2 & PTSD last year. I was prescribed seroquel but had really bad nightmares. My meds have been changed  couple of times, but at the moment I'm on lithium, only a tiny dose while it builds up. It was doubled to 400 mg yesterday.


Last night I had the most vivid scariest dream ever, basically I woke up (I think) I looked at my bf and it wasn't him. It was someone else. No matter how hard I looked he wasn't him. He woke up and saw me staring at him and he said  are u ok? This sorted pulled me out of my daze, I went to toilet got back in bed and fell asleep. I think he was a bit freaked out as well. 


Has anyone else had nightmares on lithium? Or was this a hallucination or confusion???? Im still a bit shook up, it was pretty horrible. 


Sorry if this is in the wrong place  and thanks in advance :) x

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I've taken lithium a lot over the years. I've never had it cause nightmares. If I were to bet, I'd bet that it's the PTSD that is causing the nightmares and not the lithium. I don't have PTSD but from what I've heard others speak about it, I seem to recall that the nightmares can be really awful. You might have more luck finding support in the PTSD forum.

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Thanks wooster yeah had a couple of good night's sleep now. Next time the proc decides she wants to "talk" about stuff from the past I'm just going to tell her to read my notes (which btw at the first meeting I had with her, this one, she hadn't) 


I forgot how bad those ptsd dreams were, it's taken me a long time to get into a place where I get a few solid hours. I don't want to back there



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