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Currently I am on Clozaril for schizophrenia.  It is working really well but I have gained too much weight (even with being on metformin).  My doctor suggested we switch to Latuda.  My doctor said it is very expensive but won’t cause weight gain.


I am just curious if anyone out there is on it and what types of side effects it causes?  Also does it work well?  


Thank you in advanced.

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I've been on it, stopped taking it because it didn't do much for my depression, and will probably end up back on it tomorrow because- apparently- it was handling my mania just fine. I just didn't realize it until I stopped taking it. Oops.

I was fine at 20 mg, but got very agitated and combative at 40mgs. It made me sleepy, so I took it at bedtime. There is a thing known at the "dread". It happens with some people, it happened with me. When I'd first take it, there would be this weird feeling of dread, just feeling ugly and scared. It goes away. You just have to keep reminding yourself that it's the meds. Another reason why it helps to take it at bedtime, I think.

Good luck with it. I think I need it paired up with an antidepressant. It is expensive, but your doctor might have samples to start you out. Mine did.

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Started at 40mg, now am at 80mg. No depression, mania, psychosis, sedation or side effects. I take it with Lamictal. I have bipolar, which is different than sz, but many with sz have posted good results. There are other threads. Search.


Regarding "the dread," I know that at least one of the few I saw claim this s/e still had it when she quit Latuda and concluded that the med wasn't the cause.

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I was on clozapine. It was the only thing that stopped my auditory hallucinations. I gained weight with the clozapine, but I needed to. I was anorexic at the time. I kept gaining weight though. They added metafomin, and I kept gaining. I also used to slober and wet the bed at night on clazapine, so I wanted to switch meds. At first they tried me on risperdal and I managed to loose a few pounds, but my prolactin levels skyrocketed so I had to go off it. I had tried risperdol before, and it had never helped with the psychosis, so I'm not sure why it worked this time. They switched me to Latuda and it's been wonderful. I've been on 80mg for over a year. My weight has remained the same and it helped with my anorexia because I can't skip dinner. You have to eat when you take Latuda. I think it's pretty weight neutral for an AP. I know my weight would be lower if I wasn't on an antipsychotic, but it's so helpful I don't mind that much, and I'm at a healthy weight. It doesnt make me overweight, doesn't make me hungry etc.It's SOOOO MUCH BETTER than the clozapine. I'm on a lot of other meds so it's hard to pinpoint Latuda's exact side effects. I think it causes some mild sedation, but some of my other meds combat that. It's expensive, but it's worth it. So much better than any other AP I've been on.

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I take 80mg of latuda. I have zero side effects. I wonder if it does anything at all sometimes or if it is a placebo? I pay so much for it I'd hate to be paying for a placebo. It doesn't make me tired at all. Very few things do. Latuda reminds me of a ladder. haha


i don't take it anymore, but when i did....pretty much this...


i was taking other things too and i don't think i hit 80...maybe 40 only but (maybe) it was just one of nine non working things

it was an unfortunate time and latuda might actually be great though if i hadn't been then

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