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Bipolar and PMS?

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From the research I have done, women with mood disorders (unipolar or bipolar) are more prone to experiencing PMDD.


I've never been on lithium, but I have tried many other meds for PMDD.  I've found an SSRI and continuous dosing of a birth control pill to be most helpful, although I still have not found complete relief from symptoms.  AAP's and anticonvulsants never touched my hormonal depression and menstrual-related mood swings.


PMDD sucks.  Don't let anyone tell you that it is all in your head.  It's not.  I hope you can find some relief.

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                  PMS, PPMD, BP, MDD and GAD all feed into and on each other I'm absolutely sure.   And unless any reliable evidence surfaces that this proposition is not valid we should treat them all as either comorbidities  or simply variables on a spectrum of bloody bad luck (sorry; could not stop myself)!

Lifequakes experience of partnering an SSRI and continuous birth control hormone suggests a way forward.  


You could simply try adding a contiuous bc hormone as a new attempt to help you fend off the dreadful misery of PMS.  If that is not effective then add in the lithium and go up very,very, slowly.      


I have no idea why, getting on for 100 ys after they were first synthesized, women are still being prescribed bc hormones on a cyclic doseage that mimics a "normal" pattern of menstruation.


Anyway, I failed to say that way,way back (about 50 yrs) I was on Lithium, Valproate and Amitriptyline for paranoid Schiz, and bc hormones (3-6 mthly injections in those days) my severe PMS disappeared.

A good way of obtaining steady bc hormone Rx these days is to have an implant ...They work well and you avoid adding yet another pill to the pile that you are already on.

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Both times I landed in the hospital, I was on my period or a day away. I think there is a correlation. The last two weeks of my cycle are the worst, wow, that's half of each month.


*And no, I don't think lithium will help. But I hate lithium with a passion. I also hate SSRIs with a passion. Honestly, I don't know what would help. I feel like I've tried everything they had and everything left me almost dead, drugged, depressed, crazier and angry than ever.  *


The best thing I can think of and what helps me, is to be able to recognize it and put my thoughts onto paper and then change the subject in my brain to something more positive before it gets outta control. That doesn't work, if you have no control. Having an outlet for the energy is great too. Try to fit as many low stress good times into your life as you can to reflect on while trying to avoid what triggers you during that time. 


Dx: schizoaffective/SAD, PTSD, and some serious PMS

Rx: 1mg Perphenazine daily, I cut the lowest dose available in half, I don't have any cramps anymore from my period, but that's not the reason I take it. It also helps immensely @ evening out my mood along with a daily low dose of Cannabis (day and night difference, this combo is exactly what I needed) I tried stopping and was again completely out of control within a few days.


Actually, I just bought a bottle of 100 mg 5-HTP today and am going to experiment on myself. Kinda pricey and I think it's a high dosage. I took one pill today and it lifted my mood a bit plus my body was in less pain (I didn't even know I was in so much pain, guess I'm used to it). I was also less hungry or knew when to stop? But I ate about half as much as I normally would for dinner. I wonder, if my diet is not good enough. Kinda liking this stuff right now. I probably won't take it long-term, but try to find a balance. Pretty worried about side-effects and long-term effects and it being another cost, of course, after what I've been through and read and know. Wish it wasn't so, I was born to hate drugs and especially pills. I just hate being angry even more.


At the end of this article (just what I was thinking):




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There have been a number of topics on the subject of PMDD.  You might find this one helpful:  http://www.crazyboards.org/forums/index.php/topic/56039-pmdd/?hl=pmdd.


I struggled with PMDD and BPII for eight years before I finally had a hysterectomy.  I tried birth control pills, SSRIs at various points of my cycle and just about every other med you can think of.  Unfortunately there isn't a lot of literature about what helps combat PMDD.


I hope you find something that works for you; I know how miserable it can make things.

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