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I have never heard of this, it is a very interesting concept. Of course you have to differentiate developmental dyslexia (the life-long learning disorder) with the dyslexia they are briefly referring to in the article.


There are many theories on dyslexia, and a lot of them theorize the auditory deficits relating to (or even causing) the other symptoms. The theories are interesting in itself in regarding DND (Developmental Reading Disorder) type. However, concerning Schizophrenia and its own deficits with auditory hallucinations & a lot of the relating negative symptoms, it brings the theories to a whole new level.


Another thing you have to regard, is the symptoms not directly associated with the reading & writing deficits of DND type Dyslexia; like speech deficits & concentration problems. The article only even mentioned what you quoted in the last paragraph of the article, which is hard to see exactly what they are trying to convey. Thus what they even mean by dyslexia is on the fence.


There is probably other information on it, however I have a migraine ATM so I need to get off this giant bright & blue-ish migraine & seizure gadget I am typing on. it is an interest theory however, thanks for the link :)


ETA grammar, grammar & grammar. Oh my aching head/stomach/eyeballs/whole-entire-damn-body :(

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