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..... ... Ambivalence means having conflicting ideas, wishes and feelings toward a person, thing or situation.......


DITO! That's what i meant by negativism. screw negativism.

for me it looks like this. I want to do some shit (like freaking going out for a walk) and suddenly i have 5 different emotions (like gut emotions. not thoughts or feelings) completely contrary to each other, from good to absolutely horrible, and they all cancel each other out and leave me completely exhausted and disorganized.

I'm now taking flupentixol (one of those bad ass ol' typicals) in addition to zyprexa and it seems to help me to have one or two emotions at a time. lets hope it lasts.

do you experience crap like this? is this common? my doc said it's clearly psychosis related but he didn't say it's ambivalence. I sort of found out myself on the interwebs.


polarbeer :-)

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Ambivalence towards the main people I hallucinated conversations about (not the people themselves) is a pretty apt. I hate them with a passion, yet feel remorse and regret I put them through all my psychotic shit. I want to make things right with them and repent, but I also want to stay far away from them as possible.


When I say I want to repent, I realize that there is nothing to repent for because those crazy texts and awkward run-ins with them weren't my fault. But nevertheless I still have that feeling.

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