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So I started having these anxiety attacks in June. They progressively got worst to where I became agoraphobic. I had them when I was younger. I thought it was part of my bipolar phase.

They got real bad to where I was having them everywhere even at home. The last week got a lot better going to stores not even getting symptoms.. then just felt depressed.. no anxiety. Ive been talking to counselors feeling like everything is getting somewhat better.. then the same store ive been going to for weeks now.. I have a panic attack in line? How is this?

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Panic disorder doesn't get better on it's own--it needs treatment. I had GAD and random panic attacks and they just got worse and worse...Thank the gods for Xanax because now I can leave the house and lead a relatively-normal life.

You probably need some kind of counseling and maybe meds to get it under control--especially if there's BPD involved. I started with a bunch of different kinds of counseling and they were helpful but it doesn't fix the problem enough...If you've got severe PA's you'll need meds in order to control the symptoms enough to try the therapy exercises (i.e. relaxation, mediation, mindful breathing, etc)

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Anxiety attacks can come on with specific stressors and changes in life. Sometimes if they go untreated, people naturally feel like they should make their life safer to prevent having anxiety attacks. Many people find suffering an anxiety attack outdoors or away from home harder to cope with, they assume that being at home will reduce the frequency. Unfortunately, they create an association between leaving home and expecting an anxiety attack, so when they do go out, the anxiety attacks tend to happen, reinforcing the agoraphobia.


It may be that you had some success going out to stores after speaking to someone for some support. However it is unlikely that anxiety attacks will stop forever after a few weeks. Perhaps feeling depressed without anxiety was a shock to you, if you hadn't noticed the depression was there? Maybe you had talked about something difficult in your therapy, or something else happened in your life to cause you to feel afraid or stressed? Recovering is not an all or nothing thing, you will hopefully find that with support and practice going out and tolerating anxiety, they will reduce.

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Makes sense. I was kind of broad sided by this, so it initially took me some time to wrap my head around the fact that this was back after all these years being gone. I realize that staying indoors is counter productive, i am trying to put myself in situations to have them and breathe through them. Some days are better then others. What i was sayign as far as the depression, was that i got real bad as far as the mood in the 2 week period i was talking about like really bad. The depression phase towards the end i felt a relief of anxiety, but still depressed. Now the moods improved and the anxiety is back.


How do you deal with them in public places, restaurants, stores, etc.?

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