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Sleep Tracker for iPhone?

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Does anybody have any recommendations for a sleep tracker app?


I need one that...

1. allows me to manually enter sleep times

2. differentiates between (at least) trying to sleep and actually sleeping

3. shows the results in a graph format

4. lists average sleep hours for the last 7 days


What I don't need is one that functions as an alarm.


I'm really, really sick of the sleep tracking website I'm using right now and its general crappiness when viewed from the iPhone (also, their app, while pretty, isn't all that functional)


If there isn't an app, but you know of a website-based tracker that functions well when viewed through a mobile browser, I'd be interested in that as well. I just want something that will function well enough from my phone that I can show it to my therapist or pdoc when they randomly ask about my sleep.

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