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If you could press a button and no longer have bipolar....


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  1. 1. Would you get rid of your BP if you had the chance?

    • Yes!
    • No!
    • Yes, uuuhm, no, uuuhm, ask me again in a few weeks.

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Many of you might have seen Stephen Frys wonderful movie about bipolar. In the movie, he asks the bipolar people he interviews if they could press a button and be rid of their BP, would they do it. Many answer no.


Would you press the button, and why or why not?

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I voted no, I am not quite sure if I am suffering from some kind of Stockholm syndrom or if I simply feel that so much of my life is influenced by it, or if I would just not like to miss the euphoria. But if you ask me again in ten years, I might vote yes.

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No.  Because I am a stubborn Type A idiot that thinks I have control over everything and can figure it all out myself until I am severely suicidal.  Then of course I get really bad, but I never see it, but my Dr. does.  So basically I am saying "no" because I think I can handle it, or handle anything/everything.  One of those bring it on types that is on a butt load of meds.



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Yes!!In a NEW YORK minute. I don't see how anyone would say no! This illness has totally f*&^*^d up my life. Yes the euphoria of a hypomanic episode is pleasurable but then you have to deal with the fallout and debris from all of the destruction you have done and you realize how you were really just fooling yourself when you were thinking that "this time I will stay happy and everything is going to be oK" BUT IT NEVER IS AND NEVER WILL BE!!!

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