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so today the endo prescribed me metformin. i have gained an abdominable amount of weight on abilify, and a lot of that has been pure laziness mixed with depression (lack of motivation). i'm terrified to take the first pill.


i can't believe i let myself get here. pre-diabetic. and i know what i need to do to get out of that danger zone, but have no motivation to do it. i don't know if the abilify is making me crave carbs, or the depression.


so damn frustrated right now! and i know i'm not alone- i've been scouring the board for threads on metformin. i know it can be a godsend. so why am i so afraid of it?

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I tried metformin and didn't lose weight. But I am not pre-diabetic. So I don't know if that had anything to do with it.


Lots of people here though take metformin and love it. I know it is scary trying a new med. But your dr prescribed it for a reason and if you are still scared maybe call him/her and ask for more information about it or an explanation as to why it was prescribed and what it does and what the side effects are. Pharmacists can also help with these types of questions.

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