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Since you're on Lithium, it's probably more important that you know sooner rather than later.  With that said, if you take a pregnancy test this early (according to the where you are in your cycle with the pills), it's unlikely that you'd have a positive pregnancy test yet even if you were pregnant.


If you only skipped 2 pills, the likelihood of you being pregnant is pretty low.   Plus, it sounds like you would have been at the wrong point in your cycle to get pregnant anyway.  But stranger things have happened.


Showering won't help one way or the other to prevent or promote pregnancy.


I think you're stuck waiting a couple weeks until your period comes.  But as far as I know, it seems pretty unlikely that you are.

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I wouldn't stop the pills early, if that produced a bleed, it might not be a true indicator either way.


Pregnancy from missed birth control pills depends on where you were in your menstrual cycle and the kind of pill you are one (combined hormonal or progesterone only? I am assuming it is combined if you are on blanks) when you missed the pills in relation to when you had the sex etc. The pill aims to set up a level of hormones that stop pregnancy by preventing the hormonal changes needed to release an egg, keeping the lining of your uterus in place and making the mucus in your womb too thick for sperm to get to an egg. Missing two pills on two consecutive days can compromise your protection enough to result in pregnancy but without testing at a point where a pregnancy can be picked up, it's impossible to know what the odds are that you got pregnant. Pregnancy tests measure the HcG levels in your urine, which test independent of your birth control pill hormones, but you would need to be within 13-16 days from ovulation. It can take up to six days for sperm to fertilize an available egg, it can live in the body for that long. Sperm can survive all the methods recommended by myth, washing, douching, spermicide reduce the likelihood of sperm in the body but not guarantee it.


I don't know why this dude pulled out rather than used a condom/had oral sex etc, but I'd question why any dude who valued himself and the woman he was having sex with would be irresponsible that way. Having to navigate an unplanned pregnancy (by having the baby or having an abortion) is a big deal for any woman. If he is committed to having a respectful sexual relationship with you, I would expect him to sort out contraception. If he is just casually having sex with you, no judgment there, but you need to make sure that you are using a barrier method with someone you don't know well/can't talk contraception with. The reality is, in the UK, if I were the become pregnant, the pressure would be on me to either have a termination or come off my meds, I am prescribed Lithium in the understanding that I arrange adequate contraception. I know the US are more educated about meds and pregnancy. But Lithium can have effects on a developing fetus. Not being educated about your body can have effects for your health, your life span, that of a fetus you conceive etc.


If you are not in a position to have a baby and you are on psych meds, then I advise having a plan for your contraception next time:


  • Figure out a way to use contraception that works for you. If remembering to take pills is an issue (it is for me) then look at using other methods, or double up, a missed pill is okay if you are using a condom. It's worth mentioning that any sex you have without a barrier method leaves you open to risking sexual infections (including HIV.) I know with a partner you know, the risk feels lessened but it's hard to know for sure whether someone is tested, totally faithful and it's still a huge risk. I have known couples who thought it was okay but then one or the other person ended up with an STD because the partner had a dormant STD/hadn't been honest about being tested etc. The risk you take with unprotected sex is the risk you pass on to future partners you have unprotected sex with.
  • If you have an accident where contraception fails, have somewhere you can buy emergency contraception. The morning after pill has worked for me in these circumstances, it is a much more responsible and less stress making thing to do after an accident.
  • If you want to continue with the pill, perhaps consider that you will get the health benefits of the pill plus contraception on the off chance you need it ONLY by taking it as it needs to be taken. In my experience, sex often happens impulsively and so it's best to be prepared.
  • If this has come about partly because you are episodic (thus neglecting your pill and not getting emergency contraception) then you need to think about that.

I want to say that the above comes from a place of wanting the best for you. I was impulsive and not educated about contraception. I had an unplanned teenage pregnancy ending in a traumatic miscarriage, and sadly, pregnancy scares after that. It took me a while to realize that I could have contraception I felt I knew about and could use in my own circumstances. I haven't had a scare for years and it is a much more peaceful place to be. I am not condemning you, those are mistakes I have made. They are costly ones, I suppose. Your life and future is too important to wing it.

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The only way to find out is to take a pregnancy test..I know it sucks. I have a 3 week old daughter, so I just went through the whole unplanned pregnancy thing, I know what it's like. it's HARD. And if you need to talk to someone you can always message me. but you can do it if you choose, but don't think about that right now: just find out if you are or not (although it seems unlikley) and btw, showering does not make a difference either way..

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