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Hello! A new crazy here!

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Hey y'all!

I'm from the south as you can tell, and all kinds of crazy.

I've been diagnosed with a list of disorders from different professionals including pd, ptsd, gad, and mdd. The newest (and I think the one that is going to stick) is DID. Have a great tdoc and pdoc. The pdoc is trying new meds with me, if been on crazy high doses of zoloft and clonopin for the longest time, and isn't helping too much with the crazy anxiety and depression. She is having me try saphris, which I took last night and it was HELL ,with all the restless legs crap, but too drunk to even sit up. I finally fell asleep after a clonpin, and I feel great this morning! She said if saphris didn't work we could try zyprexa. What do you think? Find a way to deal with the crazy legs? Or try zyprexa? I've heard mixed reviews on both.

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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


We ask that all new members read the User Agreement to ensure that we're on the same page.


I did not have restless legs when I took Saphris, but it didn't work out for me.  I take Zyprexa now and it has greatly improved my symptoms.  However, it has a lot of side effects like weight gain, edema, causing blood glucose levels to rise and fatigue.  Perhaps you could ask your pdoc if there is something you could do for the restless legs or if, possibly, this is a side effect that will abate with time.


You might also want to post these questions on the Boards to get a greater response.


Again, welcome!

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I wanted to welcome you as well.   This place has been a good place to vent, journal and swap experiences.   Someone posted about edema which I've had for several years.   The pills that make you pee every 15 minutes work but who wants to be spending so much time on the pot?   Check out compression stocking, hose.  Its been a Godsend and its drug free.

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I have used almost all possible drugs over decades. I have had BP Ultra Rapid Cycling roller coaster constantly for over 12 years after almost all depression/hypermanic for most of life. I am desperate for something to help me LIVE a somewhat copeable life! I got TD after decades on the old anti=psychotics. I got kidney disease after decades on that. I now have ballooned fat again from months on Neurontin, again. I am considering Saphris and Latuda. Saphris sounds so hopeful. I did really well on Abilify but triggered TD. Anyone out there in cyberland (I am terrible at computers and am in tears cause I barely figured out how to even become a member and sign on!) please help me make such a Major life decision!

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Hi tashakitty,


It sounds as if you are going throught a difficult time and you've come to the right place for support. Unfortunately, my MI isn't the same as yours so I can only tell you there are plenty of ppl on CB's either in chat or on the forums who can share their similar experiences and offer some advice.



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