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Recommendation for something stronger than Paxil

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Hello, folks; I'm a longtime anxiety suffer and just recently started taking meds (Paxil 12.5mg, and Klonopin 0.5mg).  Initially the combo meds made life a little more easier to deal with, but I'm starting to get anxious again.  My pdoc says she's going to increase the Paxil dosage in a month, but I could use something right now?  Any suggestions?  Should I double up on the Paxil whenever I'm overly stressed?  Thanks

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Hey there!  Welcome to crazyboards. ;)

You are on a very low dose of Paxil right now.  That's actually the lowest mg pill they make.  You say you started recently... how recently?  It can take up to 6 weeks for Paxil to reach its full and steady effect. 

If you're still doing reasonably well (ie not whale shit on the bottom of the ocean) I would stick it out at the 12.5 mg mark for awhile, per the recommendations of your psych.  It makes life easier when you adjust to a med slowly.  Like I said, you're on a very low dose of Paxil right now, so you have a lot of room for improvement- since you said the med is helping you some. 

In the meantime, you're also prescribed klonopin for your anxiety, correct?  That's more of a "right now" kind of med- if you find yourself feeling overly anxious, perhaps you could talk to your doctor about taking some klonopin prn?  As always- TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU DO IT.  It just might be something you could look at.

Doubling up on an SSRI like Paxil does no good, because Paxil works through maintaining a steady state in your blood.  Theoretically.  In practical application, some people report being able to take SSRIs on an as-needed basis.  But this might be placebo effect and certainly isn't normal/backed up by the science.

I'm a little scattered right now (playing on my sister's new laptop!), but I hope I helped answer your question just a little bit.

Since this is more a discussion of Paxil, I'm going to send it over to the SSRI board.  :)

Again, welcome to crazyboards!

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dittoes, you are a loow dose of paxil.

Doubling you those won't work.  SSRI's have to be taken consistently over a lenght of time to work.

If you can't survive, call your Pdoc and tell him you are having real problems and need to see him.

If you do change your meds, be honest with your doc.  Only a fool lies to their doctor.

good luck, hope you feel better.


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Paxil is a very good one for anxiety (Im on it).

You are on the lowest starting dose and if it did help it probably will help more if your Doc agrees to move you up.

You need to stay on a higher dose to get the good benefits you cannot just do so once in awhile. (I mean for only a day or two at a time) Some people go up and down over weeks or months but that is usually after they are very stable.

Give it a chance, it took me 3 months to settle into it. It still gets better even after that. (If its working for you)


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I know it's been said....but seriously, stick it out and ask for an increase in dosage.  I had to wait some 7 weeks to feel my Effexor and I had to ask for several dosage increases.  When I finally broke through the "is this stuff really helping me stage"  I found a dosage that has literally saved my life.  Well worth the wait.....  ;)   Good Luck!

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