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I just started taking 0.5 mg of risperdal for my bipolar and 250mg of depakote for my mood stability. I feel no side effects. No dizziness , hunger, anything. Is it working? I am not getting anger or upset or anything...which is GREAT , but how do I know they are working? How long will it take to work? I always thought that when you feel effects that means it's usually working. I just don't want to feel placebo.

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If you just started, the risperdal will probably work faster than the Depokate (although that is not gospel). That is a low dose of Risperdal, so don't be worried if you need to raise it.


Meds work differently for each individual. The Depakote may start helping in a couple of weeks, but it may be 6-8 weeks. Just so you know, it isn't inevitable that you will gain a ton of weight. The first time I took it, I lost 75 lbs (which I needed to do). The second time, I gained quite a bit, but was not at my highest weight.


I didn't have trouble with weight on Risperdal, but I usually use it as a rescue medication, and only say on it for a couple of months at a time.

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No side effects is great! I hope it stays that day.

If you're feeling calmer, less symptoms, it's working. Like crtclms said, some meds take longer to work. Depakote needs to build up to a good level in your blood. (Have your Depakote levels checked often at first, and every 3-4 months after that) Risperdal works fast, and is sedating and will calm you down. Rispderal can go up to around 6 or 8mg a day, so don't get bummed if you need an increase at any point.


Sometimes meds work quietly in the background and all of a sudden it hits you, "they're working!" 

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