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resources that help to de-stigmatize a bdp diagnosis?

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people are so, so horribly biased against people with this diagnosis (even if they've never even met someone with it), and i want to compile a list of resources i can go to when i confront people about this. does anybody know of any? or is there a thread i can link to that discusses common stereotypes and refutes/de-stigmatizes them? people have all this misplaced animosity towards people with personality disorders and are full accusations. it's so disgusting. 

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thank you so much. checking them out and saving now. i just get so frustrated but i also don't feel like i have the authority/right to say anything because i don't have bpd myself. but i know how much my friends with this diagnosis struggle and how horribly people treat them when they find out about their diagnosis. 

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I think the rage you feel about stigma is fair and I can see why.


That said, I reach more people by being calm, honest and knowing when someone can be educated and when they are clinging to prejudice just to make them feel better. One in four people in the UK are mentally ill, so I meet many people who come off rude who are actually either a) terrified I will point out they are ill or b) terrified they may get a mental health issue or c) they knew someone with BPD/mental illness and are reacting to that.


For fighting stigma, choose your battles, would be my advice. You can be assertive about your rights and still use your energy on the people who it will be benefit you to educate, Some people will always be petty and fearful.


(I wrote the first piece, the Time to Change one. I still have people around me who can be ignorant, it is the name of game, I am afraid. I do what little I can where I think change will happen and save my breath for the people who want to listen.)

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