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Hello everyone I have been on meany different antipsychotic Meds for my Schizoaffective Disorder and all of them have giving me akathisia. I am taking Saphirs for my antipsychotic, Cymbalta for my depression, BUSPIRONE for my anxiety and TRIHEXYPHEN to help with my akathisia. But it seems that nothing is helping the Akathisia anyone have been though this or have any advice? Thanks for you're time and have a good day!

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There are other medications out there that can help akathisia.


The ones I'm aware of are propanolol, cogentin, artane, benzodiazapines (like Ativan and Klonopin), amantadine, benadryl.


Another option is reducing the dose of the antipsychotic you are on.  (talk to your doc first before adjusting the dose of your medicine).


If the above doesn't work out, you can always switch to another antipsychotic.


I hope this helps.

~ Andy

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I have tried the following for akathisia:








What works best for you might be different than what works for others.  Talk to your pdoc.  You should be able to find some relief with the right drug.  Good luck!

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have you tried titrating up on propranolol and taking ativan all day?

that's what currently works for me


And I ask you're dosages and how meany you take of those Meds?



i have EPS in general, so you should check with your doctor.

the akathisia is just one part

other things lifequake listed do better for me for other parts of it


it all depends on which medication at which dosage works for symptoms

and then they and i have to figure out of it's more parkinsonism or akathisia to deal with

and i'm mentioning that because my situation may well be nothing like yours except this one cross over

and you should talk to your prescriber, etc as others mentioned


but to answer: 80 mg in divided dose and i'm at about three or so mg ativan

i'm not great with taking the latter but when i do recall to take all as prescribed my akathisia is not so bad i can't be here

and overall is much better

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I call my doctor a few days ago and she send a presription for clonazepam. She have my taking haft of a

0.5mg twice per day and it have cut out most of my Akathisia. I am going to talk to her about taking 0.5mg twice per day and see if that can take care of the problems altogether

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