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Nasty smelling night sweats

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This is kinda gross but I wanted to find out if it's a known side effect of my meds (listed in signature).


Basically, ever since I started Effexor XR a few months ago I've been sweating a TON, which I know is to be expected.  The annoying part is, when I wake up in the mornings I'm somewhat sweaty, but there's an almost pukey smell on me/my bed.  I know that I'm not actually vomiting in my sleep, so I'm assuming the sweating is what smells, but it's totally unlike BO.


Weirdly enough, when I go to the gym and sweat it's just like normal sweating, just a lot.  Doesn't have this weird smell.


I eat pretty healthy, and make sure to drink several liters of water a day.


Is there anything I can do about this?  Thankfully I'm not sharing a bed at this point, but should that come to be at any time, I would like to not smell like this smells.


Sorry again for the gross factor.

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I sweated buckets on Venlafaxine, can't recall doing it on Carbamazepine, but it wouldn't surprise me if most of the others had the same effect.  I would suspect the smell is related to the meds also.  I know it can be really unpleasant - I swore I was starting menopause (which isn't too unusual for females on my mother's side of the family from early/mid 30s - early 40s to begin).  Now that I am currently on Seroquel, I don't seem to be sweating anymore, well not in large amounts and I am actually feeling cold at times, sometimes the opposite to how I used to feel. 


Anyway, short answer is, yep, probably is the meds! As to what to do about it, good that you are trying to be healthy.  There are certain things that can help your bodily odour, for example, if mint is good for your stomach and breath, I imagine it would be good in general.  Plenty of water helps.  Lots of fresh fruits and vegies.  Good deodorants, maybe even washing when you get out of bed (if you have time to do so before going anywhere).  I reckon someone here will have some really good ideas. 


Have to ask though, how is your bowel health? Also, your general digestion, any troubles? Not being a doctor or anything near to, I can't really suggest much.


Check out this link - http://www.naturalnews.com/004417_body_odor_nutrition.html - it mentions that eating mainly plants in your diet is the best way of minimising the stink effect of BO.  Typical foods such as parsley, chlorophyll, cilantro, mint, celery, etc.  These are also supposed to help your breath too.  Probably better to avoid alcohol, fatty foods, junk foods, cigarettes, garlic (boo!), etc. 


Well, I am sure someone here will have more brilliant ideas than mine.  Good luck!

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