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Just looking for suggestions here. I can ask my pdoc on Friday. Last week I was prescribed neurotin 3x per day, but with no real guidance as to when to take it. At the moment, I've only been taking it twice per day. I can't even figure out where I'd stick that third one. I take one at about 10am, and one at night with the Latuda to knock myself out. I just carry the other dose around with me in case I start feeling anxious, but the first dose seems to carry me through the day. Is that okay? The pdoc seemed to think it was okay to let me decide when and how much I needed. I have history of being terribly uncooperative about taking meds, and I feel a big surge of guilt whenever I go to take one of these puppies. So, out of curiousity, what is a "normal" neurontin schedule? Or is it typcially an as-needed kind of drug?

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I don't think so. It makes me a little fuzzy, but nothing I can't handle. I've been taking it w/o a prescription for a some time. When I owned up to it, the pdoc said she was going to suggest it and it was good I already knew how it affected me...which was nicer, you know, than having me sent to jail. If I take it with the Latuda, though, I'm done for the night.

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I just read something that said not to wait more than 12 hours between doses. I can feel it the moment it wears off too. Cripes, I just fog over like a zombie. I have to be really careful not to wait longer than 12 hours. I think I probably am going to have to fit that third one in just to keep from jonesing. Rats.

I shouldn't be so whiney about it. It actually does do something for me. I've read a lot about the drug manufacturers marketing it to everyone for everything and about it quite possibly not doing anything at all. Funny thing is it's one of the few meds that does do something for me in a positive way. I don't know why I'm dragging my feet about taking it.


Edit: Whoa- too much of it also makes me fog over like a zombie. I think maybe I liked it best when I was taking it as-needed. I was weird as hell this afternoon. My husband describes it as "making dealing with people very complicated". Yes, that.

So, I've read conflicting things about taking it as-needed. Perhaps, though, I should quit reading that s*** and just go with what was working.

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