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Effexor XR now I'm getting snappy

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Okay my doc up'd the effexor to 70 mg and I'm getting snappy again. I made a post like this in the beginning of the summer when I was at the lowest dose. I don't know why this makes me angry then after it settles in I don't have an issue.....Does anybody here have or had the same SE as this?

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Sorry, can't say it happened that way to me - I was very anxious though and lost quite a bit of weight initially as I couldn't face eating when I got up in the morning and couldn't until around lunch time.  Man I was skinny then.  This medication worked a treat for me for many years, but ended up pooping out on me, just as most of the other antidepressants that I tried before have.  Good luck on this one - I hope it works for you!

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A couple of things:

*I notice with particular med combos, or specific classes of antidepressants (SSRIs), I get intolerably angry.

*it seems that with effexor, 75mg is usually when irritably starts to seep in, but goes away with a slightly larger dose.

*I've been on effexor xr for five years now. I added lamictal about a year later and only at the beginning of this year went back off of it. I've been tracking myself and it seems like the anger is back.

So what does it all mean? Fucked if i know. Maybe these tidbits will help give you some insight. At the very least, know that you're totally not alone.

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