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GentlyUsedCat here w/ a tired Pdoc

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32, F - uh.......i don't think my PDoc gives 2 left testicles about me, even with my chart in front of him he said "Oh, you're taking That?" He literally Frisbees my rx's across his desk to me. Even last month (I take 6 rx's) he said "I get tired of writing all these prescriptions" so now he's 90-day-ing my rx's. Been seeing him for about 2 years. Referred to continue seeing him after a hospitalization. Florida.

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Are there any other pdocs in your area?  I wouldn't want this guy as my doctor unless he was the only one for 90 miles around and I had no choice.


Welcome to Crazyboards. :)  I ask all new members to read the rules, unless you already have done so.  In that case, you can tell me to shut up.   I'm glad you found us and I hope you stick around.



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I had a p-doc that was like that, with the chart thing, anyway. Actually, he wouldn't even look at it. "What are you taking again?" "Oh, why did we do that?" psh. Okay. I left that p-doc and found ones that, to my surprise, LOOK at the damn chart. They pay attention to me, to detail. It's actually very nice and I wish I'd done it sooner. In no way was that really helping my med situation improve. I got on the right meds while seeing him. . . but that was during an inpatient stay so, yeah.


There's a better doctor somewhere. Whenever I switch, there's like a two month wait at least to see the new p-doc, so I see the other one while waiting still, just to get med re-fills. 


Please get a new one. Sounds like you'd be better off.


Oh, right! Welcome to the forums!

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