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One day of missing meds-world turned upside down

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Monday my mom came up and we were taking my car into the shop because the battery died. I thought we were coming right back so I skipped my Paxil 30 mg that morning. By the end of the morning, I was feeling super depressed. That night, I took what I thought was going to be a nap at 8:30 but slept through the night so I missed my second Paxil 30mg and Anafranil 100mg. The next day I was so tense and keyed up that I just wanted to punch someone- completely my fault- nobody else was doing anything out of the ordinary. And was still really depressed. I went to see my psych Wednesday and we added back Seroquel 25 mgs to take up to 3 times daily as needed. That's helped some but I was still bottom of the ocean depressed yesterday so I have been switched to Paxil CR 25 mgs 2 pills every morning. So frustrating. I was doing so well before this. Can missing meds for just one day cause all this?

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Unfortunately, yes. It isn't typical for Paxil because it has such a long half-life but as I'm sure you've noticed, meds are different for everyone. It would be grand if there was a list and all you had to do was pick a couple and they'd work for everyone. That doesn't happen though.  


Give it a couple of days and take it consistently at the same time of the day. I bet you'll be feeling better soon.


Well, I looked it up and what I saw said Paxil had a long half-life (http://www.rxlist.com/paxil-drug/clinical-pharmacology.htm). Either way, get back on it and take it consistently. My bet is on you feeling better soon.

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